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Here are video recordings to help you  teach Classical Writing more effectively. These recordings are free. You need a Windows Media Player to play the recordings. You may either live stream them here from this web site, or you can download our files  to your computer from the links at the bottom of this page.

If you cannot get the Windows Media player to play, please check our FAQs at the bottom of this page.


The following video recordings are available on this page:

  1. Introduction to Classical Writing

    1. ​pdf to follow along with

  2. Analysis and Imitation in the Aesop Books ​
    1. ​pdf to follow along with
  3. Writing projects in the Aesop books

    1. pdf to follow along with

  4. ​Writing - The most Important Subject You Can Teach
    1. ​pdf to follow along with


Windows Media Player Plugins

Microsoft Explorer



For MACs:  VLC will play any video file


1. I cannot get the player to play, I just see a blank box.

You can do one of two things.

a. download the file we provide for the recording above, and play it in Windows Media Player locally on your computer.

b. you need to change your settings to allow Active-X controls, so the player will play in this window.

2. Player streams really slowly, what is the problem?

Your Internet connection may be too slow or not have the bandwidth to support streaming. Download the file instead and play it locally on your computer.

3. I have other issues streaming content from the Internet via Windows Media Player, where can  I get help?

Check here:

4. I don't have Windows Media Player on my computer, where can I find it?

Download Windows Media Player

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