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writing projects

Postby Momof4dd » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:25 am


I'm using Homer with my 9yo daughter. She loves to write and is a good writer for her age. She can handle the analysis very well, we are at skill level 6-7 depending on the day (I'm teaching from the Core book, because we are Dutch and are doing the analysis and writing projects in Dutch). She can do the writing projects very well, but she really doesn't like to imitate the model. She wants to do her own stories.

I'm starting to wonder if it is necessary with such a young child, to make her do the writing projects according to the Homer instructions, or if I can give her more freedom while continuing the Homer Analysis? Would I miss something essential by giving her more freedom?

When she writes her own stories, she is able to quickly write a page or two, with correct spelling, punctuation, varied sentence structure and good paragraphs. She doesn't write like a 16yo yet, but that is because she is 9, not 16 :lol: .

Can you give me some advice?

with regards,
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Re: writing projects

Postby KathyWeitz » Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:59 pm

Dear Miriam,

I would certainly allow her to write her own stories once she demonstrates that she is able to do the imitation at each new skill level. Ask her to create a new story for the original characters, or write a sequel to the original story. Other options might be to keep the same plot and characters, but set the story in a new time and place, or keep the same plot, but develop new characters and setting.

Sounds like you are doing a great job teaching your daughter! We'd be delighted to have you share some of her original stories on our message board.

In grace,
Kathy Weitz
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Re: writing projects

Postby Momof4dd » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:05 am

Dear Kathy,

thank you! I really love your writing program and I'm a bit of a rule follower myself ;) so I appreciate you telling me that I can give her more freedom without compromising the program. I had never thought about writing a sequel or prequel, that might be something she would like. I have been letting her experiment with the setting or the time.

I don't think anyone would be interested in her stories in Dutch, and if I were to translate them into English, that would surely introduce a lot of grammar mistakes and just plain weird sentences :lol: . I have however been able to get a few local homescholers interested in CW!
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