Homer B Week 14 Prometheus Part 2

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Homer B Week 14 Prometheus Part 2

Postby ccinIdaho » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:41 am


I'm still struggling with understanding the infinitive coming after the DO. The second diagram says, "Athena had warned her (DO) never, never to open it nor look at the things inside." The answer key has to open and (to) look as adverbs under the verb; however, several grammar books I've looked at diagram this like the first diagram from Homer B Week 13 (the "for them to be poor and ignorant" unit). Abeka calls it the direct object infinitive phrase and in this case the subject would be "her" on a stand with "to open" and "look" coming off it on the stand. (I hope that made sense--it would look like the first diagram from Week 13 except with two infinitives instead of one.)

So, is it equally correct to diagram these either way or is one way correct?

Thank you!
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Re: Homer B Week 14 Prometheus Part 2

Postby admin » Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:49 pm

Oh, I do not like infinitives like this!

I think my thought with the answer key was that 'to open and look' was somehow modifying the verb. I'm pretty sure now that this is not so, most especially because of the caution in Descriptive English Grammar which says "Avoid an awkward construction in which the subject of the finite verb cannot logically be the subject also of the infinitive." Just draw a nice big X across that part of the diagram. Something that does have that sort of construction is "He struggled to get free."

I can't come up with a better solution than yours, that of having the infinitive be part of the DO. I'll see if Lene can chime in on this, too.

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