To The Sea: 9 year old boy

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To The Sea: 9 year old boy

Postby cbevil » Fri May 21, 2010 6:43 pm

He loved this story...when we first read it--I admit we were both lost! Then we reseached Xenophon a bit more (which made it a bit clearer)...however, when we broke it down by narrative scene with Theon's components it really came to life. The language was very rich and the jump in narrative scenes made us decide to take two weeks on this project (one for reading/one for writing) here is the result.....a bit more choppy and less descriptive than his usual but would love to hear your comments:

Passing on in four stages from twenty parasangs, the Hellenes soldiers came to a large city. The governor sent the soldiers a guide to lead them through hostile territory to the sea. The guide said, "If I do not lead you to the sea, then you can take my life." "Because this is the land of my enemies," he shouted, "harry and burn the land!" So the soldiers fought and destroyed the hostile territories.

On the fifth day, the Hellenes reached the mountain called Theches. The front, where the guide was, could see the sea and they shouted. The volume of shouting went to Xenophon's ear at the rearguard. He thought that they were being attacked. Hostile inhabitants had followed the rearguard for days and the land was aflame. Xenophon had ambushed the inhabitants and they had captured twenty wicker shields covered in the shaggy skins of oxen.

Despite being fatigued, Xenophon got on his horse and took his friend Lycius and the cavalry to the front to save the soldiers. But, the closer they got to the shouting, they started to hear the joyful word: The sea! The sea!

Thereupon they began running, rearguard and all. Once they reached the summit, they saw the generals and officers crying. The tears trickled down their cheeks. The soldiers were grabbing stones and building a monument, where they placed the captured wicker shields. The guide hacked the wicker shields to pieces and told the soldiers to do the same. The soldiers joined the guide.

The soldiers thanked the guide for leading them to the sea, and they gave him some gifts: a Persian robe and ten darics, but what he really wanted was their rings. They gave him several, and he turned his back and was gone into the night.
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Re: To The Sea: 9 year old boy

Postby admin » Tue May 25, 2010 8:37 am

I totally agree. The story "To the Sea" cannot truly be understood without the full historical context. You have to know why the Greeks were in Persia, and what happened to their leaders, before you can figure out the triumph of their journey through enemy territory to get to the sea to get home.

Otherwise I really have no comments on the story , other than to say that the story is very well written. You have a very talented young writer there.
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