Maxim Writing Project 3

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Maxim Writing Project 3

Postby Parrothead78 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:24 am

If anyone would be willing to give feedback on this I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

The Cock and the Jewel
Precious things are without value to those who cannot prize them
It is proper to praise every writer, but especially Aesop, the famous Greek fabulist. Though he was a slave, he schooled himself in wisdom and penned the famous works to teach the wisdom of knowing what you need more than what you want.
What does the maxim say? That food is more to a hungry man then all the pretty things in the world. For, if he has no food he will starve without it.
This is the proper concern for every man (or woman),that he needs food more than pretty things to survive. For if he is hungry then he needs to have food more than pretty things so that he doesn’t starve.
In contrast, if you chose the pretty things over the food. Then you are most likely to starve.
For example: One day a cock was scratching at the ground trying to find some food for his family, when he dug up a jewel that someone had lost. ”Aha!” he said “No doubt you are highly pricy and whoever lost you would give a great deal to find you. But as for me, I would choose a single gran of barleycorn than all the jewels in the world.”
So how is it possible to admire Aesop enough who said such wise things about the knowledge of what you need over what you want?
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Re: Maxim Writing Project 3

Postby admin » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:37 am

This looks really good. I don't have any criticisms, really other than, well done.

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