Homer B Adam and Eve-writing backwards

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Homer B Adam and Eve-writing backwards

Postby Kim » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:29 pm

Here my son's first WP writing backwards. I would love to see some other examples of this type of assignment. We read the example in Homer B several times to get an idea of how to tackle it. Does he seem to be on the right track here? Thank you for any feedback.

Adam and Eve in the Garden

This story tells about the fall of man, when God places a fiery sword over the entrance to the Garden of Eden and an angel to guard the entrance so that the garden of life would be protected for all eternity.

Before this He had said to Himself, “Because man now knows good and evil, I shall have to put a barrier between him and the garden, lest he shall eat of it and have eternal life.”

The garden was being sealed because of the serpent, whom God had announced to, “Because of what you have done you will slither on your stomach and eat dust for the rest of your life. You shall be an enemy with the woman and she will strike your head and you her heel.”

The person he was referring to that would strike the serpent’s head was Eve, whom God had said unto, “It shall be from now on painful to give birth, and your husband will rule over you.”

Eve’s husband was Adam, and for him God had said, “It will now be difficult to harvest crops from the ground. Thorns will spring up from the earth and you will eventually die and return to the earth from which you were formed.”

Before that God had named Adam’s wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living, and then he had made them leather skins to clothe them.

The reason he had made leather clothes for them was because they had heard God walking through the garden, and being afraid, they had hidden from Him.

Why were they hiding? Because God had called out to Adam, and Adam had answered, “I saw You coming and I hid myself because I was naked.”

“How did you know you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I forbade you to eat from?”

And Adam had said, “But the women gave me some.”

So then Eve had said, “The serpent tricked me into eating it.”

This fruit they were talking about had been forbidden by God, but when Eve had seen the fruit she thought it was good and ate it, and then Adam had some too. Immediately they had known right from wrong and knew they were unclothed, so they sewed themselves clothes from fig leaves.

The whole entire cause of this fall was because of the serpent, who was extremely crafty, and it had said to the women, “Eat the fruit of the tree, you will not die.”

That was the story of the first sin, the sin that changed the whole world from being perfect.
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Re: Homer B Adam and Eve-writing backwards

Postby admin » Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:18 pm

It looks fine from a technical standpoint.

If this exercise was arduous, you can quit it at this point. If he enjoyed it, try to get him to put a little more life into it. Write it like a mystery without giving too much information at each step until you get to the beginning. A little more intrigue would lighten it up.

But if he chooses to do so, he needs to decide what the 'secret' is that he is going to keep to the end, whether he will camouflage that it is God, Adam, Eve and the garden, or some other aspect to keep his reader in suspense.

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