Defeat of Cyrus - 12 year old girl

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Defeat of Cyrus - 12 year old girl

Postby HFSchool » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:14 am

The Defeat of Cyrus Week 9 Older Beginners WP - would appreciate feedback - thanks! Vonnie

Darius, sovereign of Persia, passed away at around the same that the Peloponnesian War ended. The two heritors for the throne were two of his sons; Artaxerxes was the eldest, and the other was the son Darius had after ascending to wealthy Persia’s throne, Cyrus. The two developed into immediate rivals for the unclaimed title of kingship.

Suddenly, Artaxerxes pushed his way to the throne and crowned himself king! Though his younger brother, Cyrus, seethed with anger, Cyrus knew he should carefully form a plot to force Artaxerxes’ surrender of kingship. So he amassed an army of Persians, but he had an even greater faith in his hired body of Greeks, for he knew well that the Greeks made formidable enemies. Thus, the next rival for the throne was confident of the strength of his soldiers.

Cunaxa was the location of the final showdown. As the war cries of the two brother’s armies filled the air, they clashed together. Then came the startling news – Cyrus was killed! When his death came about, of course, it decided the outcome of who would be next in the line of Persia’s monarchs. The Persians gave up their arms, but the noble Greeks continued fighting long and hard until word of their leader’s death actually reached them. Though Artaxerxes cackled inwardly at his success, the now-uncontested king Artaxerxes grandly sent deceitful news to his vanquished enemy that, since his gallant brother was smote, but he promised they would be given safe passage back to their native land.

Innocently, the Grecians laid down their arms, and their weary officers were politely invited by the king to the council of generals in the Persian camp. The offer was received with little hesitation. Then, when the Greeks thought themselves secure, their captains were murdered in cold blood, and the soldiers gave up hope as they were encircled by their nemeses and left without leaders, money, or provisions. When night came, no one was eager to sleep for fear of an ambush.

One Greek soldier named Xenophon devoted that awful night to thinking of a plan to save his fellow fighters. As soon as dawn came, Xenophon powwowed with his troubled companions and announced that he had come up with a suitable escape plan. Anticipatorily, they listened intently to him as he informed them that, if they were willingly united and selected a leader, they could quickly hightail it toward the sea. Nothing then could stop them from returning to their beloved Greece!
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